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Our tools start with our own templates. Our templates are very basic. The look and layout of a site depends on the size and complexity of a site. Size meaning the number of pages and links. Complexity meaning the special features we develop to make a site more proficient for the site owner. We like to customize our sites to the individual needs of the business.

  1. SAMventer - Your event planner

    SAMventer - We developed a program that lists your events and is custom to your needs. It is time sensitive, so that your very next event is at the top. Your very last event automatically goes off the page into a past events page. It can take registrations in many forms and can keep track of who is coming and who isn't -- with your participation, of course.
  2. Online Media Kit

    The online media kit is such a savings for a speaker or presenter. You put in your bio and list of achievements. If you use SAMventer for the events you do, you can link to the past events as well. This shows you are presently active. You can link to Youtube, if you have placed any of your videos there. Check out ours. We do not do a lot of presentations so we have not linked to SAMventer past events.
  3. Portfolio and Galleries

    Displaying your achievements with images. This can be done with a linking or a gallery of images. There are many different ways to set up galleries
  4. Audio and Video

    There are different ways to display audio and video. It depends on what they are for and how many there are.
  5. Blogs

    We use WordPress or our own LeeBlog. We believe it is better to use a blog that stores the database on your site. WordPress allows you to put your database and blog on your site. LeeBlog is a blog we developed but WordPress has a lot of features that we like. We use it for our own blog.

    LeeBlog is our created blog that is without an RSS feed.
  6. Online Newsletter

    A newsletter has many advantages when stored with your site. However, if you have an email list that is rather large, use a program for the list to send out announcements of your recently posted newsletter.
    Advantages to storing your Newsletter on your site
    • The content can work with search engines
    • You are archiving your news in an area where you and your clients can find it.
    • Most hosting companies back up your data; this is safer than being stored on one computer in your office.
    • If the format is formatted for print, with one entry it can be printed right from the webpage. There is no need to set up a PDF.
    When blasting your newsletter, send a bulleted list of your newsletter that encourages your readers to click on the link. This brings them to the site and keeps them familiar with your site. Even though many email services supply you with newsletter ability, it is better to create your newsletter on your site but email them with their service.
  7. Gather Emails

    with your own email list program or one we set up. There are very good email programs that specialize in large lists and are worth the subscription.
  8. Shopping Carts

    Our expertise is setting up shopping carts of a few hundred items. It is about taking special care of each item to make sure it is properly listed. A custom set up can be worth its value. This is especially true when your programmers continue to care for their your design.
  9. Merchant accounts

    We are careful not to allow our customers to take credit cards on their sites. We leave the security to those who specialize in it. Our favorite merchant account uses for their online transactions. PayPal is another secure possibility. It can be set up for the merchant to take all information from the client and store it but send it all to where the credit card information is then input. This keeps the credit card very safe. The merchant never sees the whole credit card.

    A business needs to apply for a merchant account. This is best done through your own bank or outside merchant account. PayPal works only as an online method of payment. Others work with their independent merchant account.
  10. Animation and Flash

    An animation, which can be created in Flash, can help to tell the story or message that you want to get across. Flash is a powerful method of expression on the web. However, it must be used discreetly. If it is overused, it can work against your site when communicating to the search engines.
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