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More on The Look - Nov/Dec 2009

  1. White Versus The Color Explosion
  2. 2009-11-13 17:30:51

    I have always been an advocate of color, and maybe it is because I started designing when you had to pay for every color you printed. Once you decide to have a website, the color is actually the free part. Why not just use all the color you can to take advantage of this great deal?

    Interestingly, the consensus of color from sources on the Internet has been that white is the most successful, and it can be much easier to use white. When using something other than white for your background, the colors you choose to compliment the background can make or break your message. White can solve this. Yes, it tends to make all sites a like but it allows your message to take center stage.

    Take the difference between Google and Bing. For those of you who do not know, It is the new search engine by Microsoft. Check it out. When Google came a long with their simple message of just search here the simplicity of the Google white background supported the simple message. There were other search engines at the time, but Google reigned its simple message. Now comes along and brings all their beautiful color but even their TV ads canít bring them the same popularity the Google has had. What does that leaves us to think? I would love your feedback here because I am looking at the popular sites and seeing a lot of white backgrounds, black type and maybe a little bit of blue accents. Please share your comments.

  3. Saying Something For Color
  4. 2009-11-18 16:16:02

    We know that there is more to a website and its success than color but, color can definitely support a message. I often get carried away with the freedom of color on the Internet, and I am now trying to decide, how important it is. I find that a website can do more than tell us something. It can make us feel and stimulate our vision. Websites give us the ability to touch the buttons and rollovers we want and our eyes are what entices us to do this. If you visit, the site works to make your senses a part of the experience. Be ready because as soon as you get there, the screen becomes a sky and a movie starts to entertain us. Once we get caught up in the site we canít help but want to explore more of it. That is a successful website.

    If we compare to and their individual success, they come from two different places. Google came to us as a web service and its simplicity gives us what we want. It lets our ego be in control. The white background and simple details help to support this. Whereas, is already known for its success without a website. We look to them to entertain. One step further, we feel safe that they can entertain our children with our approval. They took that idea and made a success out of their site. The color they use works here and supports their message. Can you think of other sites where the color definitely supports the message?

  5. How Much is Too Much
  6. 2009-12-23 19:27:39

    Websites can become overly busy places for content. Since content is key in SEO (search engine optimization) and the home page is the best place, our focus can make the site a little sloppy. That is why I choose to address, "How Much is Too Much."

    The Internet, or the WWW to be more specific, is about information, and no matter how many images, animations, videos and audios we put on the site, it is still about information. Whether we pay for keywords or get our site to rank high without paying for keywords it is still about picking the right words. Once you do have the appropriate keywords and you allow them to do their job, you will not only receive hits, but also customers. Additionally, if you load up your site pages with a lot of words that align with the keywords, it can work for free.

    Now you have to decide how much information is enough. If you load up your site with information, you get the users to come, but you can scare them away from overload. A simple message is always easier to understand and users prefer it. The real trick keeping it simple is the way you organize your content. You donít want to many messages and too many promises on one page. If you have 1500 words on your home page, make sure they all support the message that sells your product.

    When you have other ways to bring customers to your site, besides the free listing, it allows your site to be simple and allows you to hold back on all the valuable information that gives your competition too much information. It also allows you to be free in your homepage choices. If you want a Flash website, you can go for it. It is not a bargain to pay for keywords. It can ultimately pay for itself when you start getting a good amount of clients.

  7. Itís About The Message
  8. 2009-12-31 15:19:28

    When it comes to investing in a website, itís the message that is the most important. The look of a site supports the message. A website, no matter how you get your users to the site, whether it be with a great search engine rating, you buy your keywords through a search engine, or you have your own marketing method to bring your users, the message of the website must communicate what it needs to get your user to do what you want or expect. The strategy is to have a look and the right text that will influence what your user will do. The mechanics of the site will then let the user communicate with you. If it is to buy a product or service, the merchant needs to communicate not only the product that they want but also a safe way for your user to know their purchase will be handled with care. A great tip is to make sure you buy from yourself fist, so you can completely understand the buying process in order to more thoroughly communicate it to your user.

    There are other purposes besides selling that a website has, but when it comes down to it whether it be selling your expertise, your services, or your opinion, the message of the site is an act of convincing your user. The look, which includes images, animations, and videos, must support your message. Colors and modes can be created within a site, however you cannot affect smell and taste. Although someone who is good with the message may be able to stimulate these senses as well.


  1. White Versus The Color Explosion
  2. Saying Something For Color
  3. How Much is Too Much
  4. Itís About The Message

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