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Why is it Right! Because it has a "Strategy"Picking the right keywords so your site grows, attracking the right users.

A Website with a strategy at this great price.



Does not include domain name registration and hosting.

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Want to wait and think about it, don't!Not a good idea when search engines take up to a year to recognize you.

You can edit your copy anytime,
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Fill out the form and answer the questions as best you can. Remember you can go back later.

  • Know the category of your business.
  • The text you add can be off the top of your head.
    • You will describe your business in 25 words then in more then 100 words.
    • You will describe your service or product in 25 words then in more than 100 if you can.
    • You will describe your background in 25 words, then in more than 100 words or as many as you can.
    • That helps us create 3-pages of your site.

    • You still have 2 more pages to use. You can start them without text but you must name them.
      Such as:
      Testimonials and/or
      Added Features
      Another Service or products.
  • You can add a logo, if you have one
  • Submit images if you want
  • You will choose colors or give us an idea what you like

After you have filled out the form, we edit it and send it back to your for approval.
We will also give you domain name suggestions or use the one you have.

We use the information and images you supply to create a look for your website. We compbine this with the text you supply to give you a finished website.

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