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The Design of a Website

A Well Designed Website

Considers three things:

  1. Functionality - making sure the site serves its customers
  2. Look, image and text - communicating the right message
  3. Structured keywords - chosen and placed for communication to search engines

We at transNET Media® LLC believe the word "design" means more than fashion. Wikipedia has a good definition for Design. When an architect designs a building, does the thought of the use of the building play an important part? When designing a car, does the thought of who is going to buy it and what they want play a part?

Most companies want a website to bring more business and but it also has another job. It needs to serve the clients they already have. Serving existing clients well has a way of attracting new clients.

How does a company use its website to serve existing clients:

  • Custom Function
  • Custom Look
  • Structured Keywords
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