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Current Clients


Address - When it comes to making changes and additions to a website, it is quickest if we know the address of the page. If you were to edit this page, to expedite the process, you would send the address of the exact page. This page is You see it in the address bar in the menu. Select the address, copy it and paste it where you want it.

It is equally important to explain the exact location of the change on the page.

Then explain in detail what the change or addition is. If you are adding or changing large blocks of text, you can include the text in a Word doc or text file.

Here is an Update form for clients, click.

Emails are a good way to send updates. They will get into the system.
The new email to use is
web at
SAM is getting too much spam. Sending an email to SAM is risky due to spam trash.

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Current Clients

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