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Creation of a website

The Creation of a Website

Three Steps to the Creation of a Website

  1. Strategic Plan - incorporates the design elements of function, look and keywords to create a plan that allows growth and change within a site.
  2. Seamless Coordination - works the plan to completion with the right code.
  3. Code Choice - assures the site and all its functions and interactions work together, gracefully.

The plan or design of a site is based on communication with the client, reaching an understanding of the goal of the website. The plan should include expectations for a website to grow, change and evolve. Coordination includes building a new site, replacing an old site, keeping domains and working it all together so its development flows with success. Creating a custom site is often most successful, developing the code from scratch rather than using templates and frameworks. When a site requires certain features to make it unique, it is overkill to use templates that have more features than needed. A site works better and is easier to maintain when the code is simple and clean.

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