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transNET Media® LLC is a company which not only creates websites but also assists in taking care of websites. It is important that a website keep working and that there is assistance in regular updates and code fixes. When a company keeps its data up-to-date on a website, you are relaying a message to the world of their efficiency. Code fixes are making sure the webiste works and carries out the interaction as it should. This also, shows that a company is efficient.

transNET MediaŽ LLC has been in business since 1995 and has experienced the evolution of the web. Code has changed. The search engine rules have evolved. Looks have gone through trends. transNET MediaŽ LLC serves all type of business. Each type of business is unique. The real challenge with each business is to create a website that works for them by serving it's already existing clients as well as attracting new ones. We still see custom code as a benefit. There are times we use frameworks and templates but find creating our own gets right to the feature that a company requires to make them unique. Frameworks or templates are often bulky and contain more than a company requires and extends from the simple to the complicated. Plus, it is more friendly to search engines when a site is not overloaded with access code.

Our goal at transNET Media® LLC is to create websites that:

  • communicate the right message
  • market to the search engines
  • create tools for existing clients
  • continue to work and do more than expected.
Lee Gehl

SAM started transNET Media® LLC and is still the owner status. She believes to have a website that is most effective, the look, function and message must all complement each other. SAM's unique talent for art, her training in advertising, Master of Fine Arts from Syracuse University in Advertising Design and experience in programming gives her the perfect balance to visualize websites and see them through. She also has a get-things-done attitude and cherishes every final product.

Lee Gehl is the Director of Operations seeing the projects through to completion. Lee's engineering background gives him the spirit of making things work and he delights in troubleshooting. He is a self taught-programmer and chooses to stay simple and custom. He knows when he writes the code, he understands the code. Although, when appropriate, he welcomes a good program like Wordpress for blogs that saves development time and money, plus, he is committed to doing what the client needs. Lee has also been a professional photograher giving transNET MediaŽ LLC another offering to its clients.

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